Lifting Sierra Leone out of Poverty, Hunger, Disease

The children of Sierra Leone, Africa, are some of the world’s most vulnerable. Their country is plagued by disease, poverty, and hunger. (In fact, the country ranks #114 out of #119 in the world on the Global Hunger Index.)

Growing up in such a harsh environment doesn’t seem to offer much hope for the future. 

But there is hope! For the last 26 years, Sierra Leone International Mission School (SLIMS) has been dedicated to providing free quality healthcare and education, teacher training, and personal development programs in Sierra Leone. They are changing lives one classroom at a time!

Because of SLIMS, thousands of children have access to quality education and better health . . .

. . .replacing despair with a real chance to better their situation

. . .providing them a way to care for themselves

. . .offering them freedom from systemic disease and a chance for overall wellness, and

. . .giving them the path toward a future that’s brighter than their past.

SLIMS can’t do this alone. They need the support of generous and compassionate donors like you and me. 

By supporting SLIMS, you and I are giving a child hope. We are giving them an education. We are helping them to equip and empower themselves to break the chains of poverty that have held so tightly to their country for centuries. By giving them peace of mind that they will not only be able to graduate from high school, but also go on to receive a well-paying job that will begin to lift them, and an entire generation, out of poverty.

I am doing a change roundup to join SLIMS today in its mission to end the cycle of poverty in Sierra Leone. Let me show you how simple this. I’d love it if you’d join me.

YOU AND I can be part of changing the world – one child, one classroom at a time. 

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