Lack of Quality Healthcare/Maternal Mortality

Sierra Leone Mission School (SLIMS) is fighting to end poverty and disease from all angles. When they began their work 26 years ago, they knew their education and training centers would be just one part of those efforts. They also knew they needed to address the physical health of their community in order to make a real impact.

That’s where SLIMS free health clinic and medical services come in!

The clinic was constructed in 1997 and provides free healthcare for all 5,000 SLIMS students, children in its communities (ages 5 and under). It also cares for the community’s expectant mothers.

In fact, their clinic is sometimes called the “Northside Hospital” of Sierra Leone (That’s the Atlanta hospital known as the ‘baby-factory’). They deliver a whopping 2 to 3 babies per day, which is a big deal in itself. Then, when you realize the SLIMS clinic has never lost a mother in all its years, in a country ranked #1 in maternal mortality. Their work can only be described as amazing.

The SLIMS health clinic is special for other reasons too. They provide life-saving vaccines to all their patients at no cost. In addition, because of SLIMS high standards of care and well-trained medical staff, the clinic was one of few in Sierra Leone that the government allowed to stay open during the Ebola crisis that wreaked havoc on the country from 2014 to 2016.

SLIMS knows healthy children and citizens lead to a healthy country, and a healthy country is critical in the fight against poverty.

Join me in making sure this community-transforming medical care continues! I am rounding up my change to help SLIMS. Will you join me? I’ll show you how simple this is…

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