Finding Faith and Joy on the Basketball Court

Can you imagine the children in your life not having access to sports or safe recreational activities? What if their only option was to play in the street or in the dirt, often with only homemade equipment or toys?

The children and youth of Sierra Leone don’t have to imagine those circumstances. They are living them every day . . . except in SLIMS communities. 

SLIMS has been working for years to create an opportunity for kids to have safe places to play that encourage growth in their community and their faith. Upward Sports has been a big sponsor of those efforts through their mission camps program, which came to Sierra Leone in 2006. 

The mission of Upward Sports is to promote the discovery of Jesus through sports, focusing on Biblical values such as leadership, teamwork, integrity, and respect. They blend devotional and Biblical studies time seamlessly into their practices and games.

In partnership with SLIMS, Upward Sports has coached thousands of kids at 3 different basketball clinics. Each time they came, the Upward Sports mission teams donated uniforms, basketballs, and gifts for the children. They also shared the joy of the Gospel through devotional times during each clinic. 

With help from Upward Sports, in 2006, SLIMS constructed two, full-sized basketball courts. Now, those courts include 20 permanent and portable basketball goals. The kids in the community play on the SLIMS courts all the time. It’s been a wonderful outreach to the community. 

In fact, the SLIMS school team won the national basketball championship in 2014, astounding fans around the country. 

Thanks to SLIMS and Upward Sports, children and youth in Sierra Leone no longer have to imagine what it would be like to have a safe place to play and to grow in their Christian faith.  They have all that at SLIMS, and the joy on their faces is unmistakable!

Join me today in donating to SLIMS by simply rounding up my change. This helps them continue their work in spreading joy and faith – on and off the court! I will show you how simple this is…

Even PENNIES make an impact!  You can either text “SLIMS to 26989” or click the DONATE button to change a life in Sierra Leone. 

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